Will OptimizePress Version 2.0 become your marketing platform?

I just found out that James Dyson and the team at OptimizePress will soon be launching OptimizePress version 2.  The expected launch date is August 2012, although James isn’t making promises at this point.  He’s more concerned with product completion, not the launch schedule.

I’m not sure what new features are coming, but whatever they are I think it’s wise to stay current on the most recent version of the code, and enjoy the new features.  When it gets released, we will post a detailed review and we’ll certainly upgrade our own blog (this site here) to the new OptimizePress 2.0

In the mean time, I think it’s wise to suggest that you do not buy OptimizePress version 1 unless you absolutely NEED to buy it now.  Otherwise, just hang on for another couple of months.  Yes, you can buy version 1 now, and get a discount when V2 is released.  But then you’d be doubling up on work to migrate to the new version when it hits the market.

So that’s the honest opinion folks.  I’m sure OptimizePress 2.0 will be great.  And I’d wait for it.  Don’t buy Version 1 if you’ve been planning on it.  There really isn’t any point.  It’s like wanting that new Macbook and knowing Apple will deliver a new model next week.

In case you aren’t aware, OptimizePress is the WordPress theme that we recommend for building sales letters, squeeze pages, and video pages on top of WordPress.  It’s incredibly easy to use and highly flexible.  Find out more here.

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  1. Eric Gibson
    8 years ago

    Do have any guestimate of when OP 2 will be coming out? Last I heard is August, but August is here and I haven’t heard anything. I have an urgent project that I hate to put into another WP theme when I’m pretty sure I’ll be converting it to OP 2… (I don’t currently own OP, but would like to purchase OP 2 when it comes out.) thanks, Eric

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Hi Eric,

      In your case, I think your comment “I have an urgent project” is the most important part. So I’d go with OP version 1 and then upgrade to Optimize Press version 2 when it comes out. They should be giving out discounts for OP1 customers. They should also be releasing an upgrade tool to migrate sites from OptimizePress 1 to OptimizePress 2, otherwise I’d consider it a failed product launch.

      If “urgent” really means “important, but I have lots of stuff to do before I launch the site”, then I would wait for a few weeks to see what happens.

      If you want to use our link, always appreciated: http://OutsourceFactor.com/op

  2. Adam Sheck
    8 years ago

    I just bought OP on 28 July, so I’m happy there’s an upgrade, yet upset that there will be an upgrade fee to it (have a support request regarding this into OP).

    Still playing with it, only setup one squeeze page so far, wondering if it might be better to return/refund OP1 and wait for OP2 to be released, not sure what is best financially or time-wise as don’t want to reinvent the wheel on any additional sites.

    Any insight into this?

    Thanks so much,

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Hi Adam,

      I’m going to bet they’ll upgrade you for free if you ask enough times nicely, unless the OP2 release is way out into the future. But if I bought and then there was a major upgrade within 60 days I’d expect it to be included. That said, if they price the new theme higher, I’d think it’s fair to pay the difference.

      My advice: Keep building. Pretend it doesn’t exist (Optimize Press v2). Just execute.

  3. Yaj
    8 years ago


    What happened to optimizepress v2?

    There was a rumor about that but nothing has come out.. Do you have any info about that? Release date, etc..

    • Chris
      7 years ago

      I’ve heard nothing also … I can only assume development is taking them a lot longer than planned. Well, at least they aren’t rushing it out to market, right?