Why Aweber Should Be Your Autoresponder for Online Email Automation

Aweber is one of the many choices available to website owners to help them build an email list and make money from that list.  If you are not doing email marketing, you are leaving money on the table.  And if you are being cheap by selecting a cheap autoresponder service, it’s even worse.

At Outsource Factor we recommend you not just DO something, but you do it RIGHT.  Aweber is email marketing and list building done right.  There are other choices out there that are almost as good (such as Get Response).  But often it’s faster and easier to simply go with the leader.  Aweber is the leader, no question.

The main objection to Aweber and other similar autoresponder companies is price.  People balk at the idea of paying $19.99 per month to manage up to 500 users and then having that montly expense ramp up to, perhaps, hundreds of dollars per month.

But here’s the thing – the return on investment from doing email marketing is INSANELY high.  If you have 500 subscribers and you can’t make ten times your $19.99 investment, then you are doing something wrong.  You’re either not marketing to the list well enough, or you’re simply not marketing to them at all.  In that case your list isn’t an asset, it’s a liability.  You need to market effectively to your list (we teach you strategies for this free inside of Outsource Factor).

Now let’s look at the economics for a second.  The first 500 users cost $19/month.  That’s 5.2 cents per subscriber per month.  But if you focus on growing your business and building a very large list (over time) … the costs drop dramatically.  A 25,000 person list will cost you slightly over half a penny per person per month.  Yes, that’s right – HALF a penny to host a subscriber for a month.

When you are going to build and market to your list, you need a professional solution.  A self-hosted email list is not professional.  Hacking something together is not professional.

Aweber gives you a bunch of really powerful features that professional email marketers need.  These include:

  • Professional email signup forms (aka “optin” forms).
  • They handle all subscriptions and unsubscriptions automatically.
  • They deliver beautiful analytics reports so you can see what subscribers are actually doing
  • They allow you to host unlimited lists, which is really important if you want to move subscribers from a “leads” list to a “customer” list, for example.
  • They have easy-to-use list automation tools, helping you move customers to a new list, which you NEED to do if you’re marketing properly
  • They allow you to create unlimited follow-up emails that can be delivered at the exact time (or day) that you want.  Email followups are automated meaning you write the email one time and then all followup is done automatically to help you establish rapport with your list and eventually sell your product (or affiliate market other people’s products).
  • They have a track record for super high deliverability ratios.  Aweber emails don’t go into people’s spam folders.
  • Customer support is EXCELLENT.  Every question I’ve ever emailed them has been answered properly, by someone who had the right answer, within 1-2 days tops.

So if you don’t already have an autoresponder, you need to ask yourself why you’re willing to leave money on the table.  And if you are using a low-budget, low-feature autoresponder, you need to ask yourself if you are running a business or a hobby.


Aweber is for business people.


Click here to visit Aweber’s website.  You’ll find plenty of free training too.

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