The Importance of Outsourcing

I’ve been outsourcing many of the tasks in my Internet Marketing business for several years now.  Before I read Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four Hour Work Week, I had no clue about any of this stuff.  That was 2007.  A lot has changed since then.  I hope this post helps you make some progress in your own business.

Just starting out:  When you are firs starting out, I think it’s important to learn about the tasks that you need to do before you outsource them.  You need to understand how the tasks work, at least in simple terms.  For example, if you want to build a website you should do some reading to understand why everyone is using WordPress rather than custom-coding a content management system (CMS).  If you want to hire a link builder to get you more organic traffic, you should understand the basics of SEO (search engine optimization).  Once you understand the basics, you’ll be better equipped to ask questions and hire the right person.

Working on your business rather than in your business:  The most important aspect to growth for any new online entrepreneur is a focus on managing and leading the business rather than being involved in the day to day operational tasks.  The most important part of business to focus on is product creation strategy and marketing.  Marketing obviously includes SEO, paid traffic, joint ventures, partnerships, email marketing, upsells, and conversion strategies such as split testing.

Outsource everything else.  For most online marketers, it does not make sense to do your own graphics.  It doesn’t make sense to install wordpress.  It doesn’t make sense to do your own backlinking.  You should instead focus on ideas to grow your business and hire people to implement those ideas unless it is a core strength that you can’t outsource.

Understand what your key value is:  What is it that you bring to the table in your business?  If you sell an information product in a specific niche market perhaps you are best to create the content that you use for promotion and sales.  If that is the case you should focus a lot of time on creating awesome content and then using outsourced help to promote that content.  If your competency is in building relationships with other marketers in your niche, you should get on the phone, attend conerfences, etc.  You shouldn’t spend time with blog commenting, forum posting, graphics, or other “things” that you can outsource.

Hire the appropriate people:  Whatever you decide NOT to do yourself (this should be most things), you need to think about what skill level is required for someone else to do these tasks.  Can they be trained from ground zero?  For many tasks the answer is yes.  But if you’re looking for professional copywriting or graphics creation, obviously you can’t just hire anyone.

For tasks that are easily trainable, you can hire full time employees in places like the Philippines for anywhere from $200 per month up to perhaps $300 or $400 per month.  You can find ready, willing and able people who want you to train them at these rates. You can hire people in your business on a long term basis using this strategy.

For tasks that are much more difficult to train on, you may need to hire already-trained people.  If you don’t need them full time you can consider freelancers who will work for you on a project basis.  As an example, I regularly hire a freelancer for graphics because I don’t need graphics work done every day.  I pay much more per hour, but it’s still more efficient than having a full time graphics person on staff when I don’t really need one.

Outsource or stagnate.  The bottom line is that you MUST hire people to help you in your business or else you are going to be stuck.   Stuck doing everything yourself.  Stuck transitioning between tasks and wasting time.  Stuck with no time to focus on the core marketing tasks of your business.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are the only person who can do everything.

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