The Automated Webinar Tutorial You’ve Always Wanted

Automated webinar scripts have really gained momentum over the last year. I’ve seen many online marketers using Evergreen Business Systems (which we review) or Stealth Seminar to market their products. Everyone from gurus like Frank Kern to complete novices.

My goal in this post is to offer you a detailed tutorial on how automated webinars work, and how you should use them (and how NOT to use them).

If you have questions please post them in the comments section below this post for everyone’s benefit.  I’ll do my absolute best to answer them for everyone.

The quick basics … what is an automated webinar?

An automated webinar is a regular webinar that runs on autopilot.  You pre-record the entire event and you then send your leads to a webinar sign-up page.  The sign-up page dynamically shows the viewer dates and times for your webinar over the next few days (as if he had a choice from a menu of options for the broadcast event).

When your lead signs up the the webinar he gets an instant confirmation by email, and then a series of reminder emails containing his unique webinar login link.  Your viewer can then attend the webinar while you are doing something else.  The offer for your product will be presented as part of your webinar and a “buy now” button will be programmed to show up at the exact time you specify.

You can also use automated webinars to followup with leads who signed up to the webinar but did not attend, or those who attended but did not purchase.  Or any combination you like.  This is a powerful way of, for example, offering a discount to people who saw your offer but did not buy. Webinars increase conversions.

Remember why webinars work so well …it’s because your viewer is dedicating time in his calendar to watch your presentation.  This dramatically increases the chance that he shows up, or at least watches the replay.  It does this by creating a sense of scarcity.  Say that you were to just post your webinar as a free video that anyone would be able to watch.  They could watch anytime.  Well … they’d never get around to it.  It would always be something they would put off.  People procrastinate.  So when you offer a webinar signup page, they are given a choice of dates and times.  They have to pick one that works for them.  This gets them to take action just like someone taking action on a limited time sale.

My First Automated Webinar Story

One of my main niche businesses is in the parenting market.

I decided that using a webinar would offer me a great opportunity to reach that next level.  I know that a lot of experts recommend using a real live webinar first to get your feet wet.  They correctly argue that live webinars help you understand your audience better, meaning that when it comes to designing an automated webinar (aka evergreen webinar), you’ll be in a better position to help your audience.

In my case, I have already been selling my niche product for a few years.  I’ve surveyed my audience.  I understand their problems.  I didn’t need to do a live webinar first.  So I want straight to the automated solution.

How I selected Evergreen Business Systems (EBS)

When I first heard about automated webinars I didn’t even know about EBS, and there weren’t any reviews online.  And for good reason … it hadn’t launched yet!  I had instead heard of a cheap alternative that sold for about $97 from a company called “Cheap Internet Tools”.  I was planning to buy this as a starting point.

Then Evergreen Business Systems launched.  It cost much more.  Specifically, it cost $497 (and still does).  The cheap alternative was gone from the market.  Why?  Because Mike Filsaime partnered up with Hector Yague, the man who was previously behind Cheap Internet Marketing Tools.  Together, they made the previously cheap solution into something much more powerful.  And because of this they raised the price – which seems fair to me, quite honestly.

Anyway, I had to choose between a fixed price product like Evergreen Business System ($497 one time payment) or a monthly fee option such as Stealth Webinar ($69 per month recurring).  Like most people, I prefer one time payments.  But I noticed in the Warrior Forum that people were asking good questions.  When reading threads about Evergreen Business System Review, I often saw questions such as, “How can Mike and Hector support the growth of the system if people only pay $500 and then never pay anything again?”

This seemed logical to me.  After all, support and hosting is not free for the person providing it.

I discussed this with my business partner, Val.  He pointed out the obvious.  A lot of people will buy Evergreen Business System for $497 and never EVER use it.  Money wasted on their part.  But hey … I’m an action taker.  I can benefit from other people’s laziness.  He also pointed out that the webinar videos are NOT hosted on the Evergreen hosting computers.  You still have to host your own videos (using Amazon S3, for example).  So it’s not like Mike Filsaime and Hector Yague are dealing with a bandwidth intensive service.  All they do is serve up the HTML and CSS for the webinar signup page, thank you page, and webinar broadcast room.  That’s cheap.

So after a lot of reading and thought, I opted to purchase Evergreen Business Systems solution.  Yes, that is our affiliate link in case you are wondering.  We’ll explain our Evergreen Business System Bonus at the end of this post but let us actually add some value for you first.  This is a tutorial after all.

I chose EBS because the feature set is superb.  Absolutely superb.  And I’m convinced they have the ability to be the grand leader in the automated webinar business, provided they keep issuing the kind of quality updates they’ve been doing.  I’m very impressed with how much they’re on top of things by adding new features that users ask for.

The steps involved in setting up an automated webinar

There are a lot of steps involved.  If you decide to invest in an autowebinar solution make sure you are prepared to take action.  It took me about a month to get everything done for my first webinar.  But I know the next time around it will take me less than half that time.  My learning curve is done now.  And I hope this tutorial  helps speed up your learning too.

The Ten Steps to Setting Up a Webinar

    1. Plan the elements of the webinar video.  Remember that an automated webinar is essentially a video intended to teach + sell.  You can think of it as a very long sales video, so you need to suck people in at the beginning and keep them interested.  Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan how you’ll do this before you start script writing.  I used powerpoint slides (actually Keynote on my Mac) to plan out the elements of my video and organize my thoughts.  Mindmapping software is also a good way to do this.
    2. Write the webinar script.  I followed a five step formula for the webinar, which I learned from Dave VanHoose (a genius stage presenter).  The formula is introduction, story, offer, body, close.  There are specific elements you need to have in each section in order to create authority, influence and desire to take action by the viewer.  I spent a LOT of time on my script.
    3. Next I took my finished script and recorded it into a series of audio files.  I wanted my webinar to be easily editable in the future so I could test new ideas.  So I saved each “section” of my script as a separate audio file.  This way I can go in and change the audio for one segment without having to re-record my whole webinar.  I used Audacity to do my audio recording because it’s simple to use and totally free.
    4. I made my presentation slides.  Since I’m on a Mac I use Keynote software, which is like Powerpoint.  You can use whatever slide software you need.  I like to keep my slides very simple for webinars because of the length of the presentation.  For 2-3 minute videos I’ll add lots of animation and transitions.  But for a webinar I use basic slides with some word + a picture on each slide.  I use no transitions.  You’ll understand why in the next step.
    5. I export all of the slides as JPG images so I can import them into my video software.  This way I’m not having to screen capture the whole video.  I’m just dropping my audio tracks into the software and sizing each slide to fit.  I use software called Screenflow on my Mac, but you can actually do this with any video editing software including my free options.  But any Internet Marketer should have a screen capture software at his or her disposal, so it’s probably best to use Screenflow (Mac) or Camtasia Studio (Mac or PC).

    1. Once the video is complete, I export the finished product to my hard drive.  In my case, Screenflow gives me a .MOV file.  My finished video was 1 hour long and the file size was 100 MB.  This became a problem later, which I’ll explain below (along with solution).
    2. Convert the finished video to MP4 format so it’s “web ready”.  This step is very easy using software called Handbrake, but there is some tweaking necessary.  See below for video tutorial.

  1. Create a video for your webinar signup page!  The above steps really just get your webinar ready.  But you still need marketing material so people will sign up.  I prefer to use a short video to “sell” the free webinar, so I used my trusty Kodak Zi8 camera to shoot a quick video where I passionately “sold” the value of attending this free webinar.  The whole video took me about 2 hours to plan, rehearse, and shoot multiple times (it took me about 10 takes to get it right).  Follow the same steps as in #7 to convert this video to a web ready format.
  2. Upload the webinar video AND the webinar signup page video to a reliable hosting service.  I use Amazon S3 which has a good track record for reliability and it is pretty cheap.  You pay for what you use.  It costs about 8 cents per gigabyte of data transfered.  My final webinar video size was 45 megs (call it 50 to make the math easy).  This means each webinar attendee costs me about half a penny.  It’s peanuts.  You really don’t need to worry about the cost of bandwidth for your webinar as long as you’re selling something.
  3. Finally we’re ready to setup the webinar inside of Evergreen Business System’s webinar creation dashboard.  We’ve actually got a live demo of this available.  But notice that this is the last step?  There is SO much work that goes in front of it, so like I said make sure you realize the work before investing in the product.  But you don’t make money without taking action.  So get moving!

Ethically Using Automated Webinars

Like any great tool, automated webinars offer the potential for you to lie to your audience.  Just like fake scarcity and made up authority, I do not think this is a good idea.  Don’t lie to people.

Don’t tell people the webinar is live.  It isn’t.  Some of your audience will know this, so if you say it’s live you will instantly burn your credibility.  That said, you do NOT need to go out of your way to tell people it’s a recorded autowebinar either.  Simply market it as a “scheduled event”, and you will be safe.  It is, after all, an event that the audience puts in their personal calendar.

Don’t show fake results.  Evergreen business systems lets you conduct polls with your audience.  And this is a great tool to get them involved in the webinar.  Active participation helps maintain interest, which is the point.  But the poll tool does NOT actually collect and aggregate results.  The right way to use polls is to pose your question, ask the audience to select his or her answer.  Then thank them for submitting their answer.  Thank them for helping you grow your sample size of collected data.  THEN, show them poll results from a real honest PRIOR survey that you conducted.  And tell them that the results you’re showing are based on your past data. This way you’re being honest.  Yet the tool still works to keep their interest level high.

Don’t use fake scarcity. It’s easy to be tempted to give people some sort of scarcity such as, “The product will be available at this special discount only for the first 15 buyers on this webinar”.  Avoid that unless you have some way to actually control the sales process on each webinar.  And you likely don’t have this option unless you’ve custom coded something on your own back end.

DO answer the top questions. Present a Q&A section and base it upon real questions that people have asked you.  Answer the top priority questions.  Use the answers to eliminate resistance on the part of buyers.

DO engage your audience and ask for their questions.  With EBS, you can ask people to submit their questions.  The questions will be sent to you by email.  Tell people on the webinar that you’ll be answering the most common questions.  As long as it’s true (based on common questions people have previously sent you), you are telling the truth.  But also tell people you’ll do your best to reply to any unanswered questions via email after the webinar is over.  And you should absolutely write back to people later.  In fact, if the questions are very good you should write answers as FAQ entries for your website.  Then tell the viewer that you updated the FAQ to answer his question and provide a link.  This will definitely make your viewer feel like he was personally attended to.

Marketing your automated webinar

This is an area where I’m not yet an expert.  But here’s what I will be doing with my webinar.  First, I will email my entire list of leads (several thousand).  I’ll tell them about my free webinar and collect as many signups + sales from that process as I can.  UPDATE:  Done.  This paid for the cost of Evergreen Business System several times over within a week.

Next I will redesign my Aweber autoresponder funnel so that leads are offered the webinar in an automated fashion a few days after they optin to my main email list.  UPDATE:  Done.  My webinar is now automatically shown to all new subscribers in the 2nd week.

I’ll also be posting the webinar on my Facebook fan page (not done yet) and I will promote the webinar using YouTube sponsored videos.

Finally, I’ll be creating new banners for my Google Adwords campaign.  The company that manages my campaign uses a trick called “remarketing”, which shows my ads to people who have already visited my website.  Naturally, most of those visitors have not purchased yet.  So we’ll create custom ads that say, “Come back for your free webinar” or something to that effect.  Since they’re already familiar with my site they are much more likely to click and signup.  UPDATE: Done.  This worked quite well and had positive ROI.

I’ll also be extending the webinar to my affiliates.  EBS lets me create custom affiliate links for my webinar, so this will drive viewers to signup using an affiliate link, and the “buy now” button for my offer will also be dynamically coded with an affiliate link.  This is a great way to differentiate myself from competition.  In fact, this is a great way to target new affiliates OR to simply buy traffic by paying for solo ads from niche websites.  UPDATE:  Done, and webinar links are provided to affiliates on my affiliate page.

Anyway, those are some of the ways you can use your webinar for marketing. Notice that many of those marketing ideas can be outsourced to my VA.  For example I can craft an email introducing my free webinar along with the “what’s in it for you” pitch.  My VA can then go and contact all kinds of niche website owners and funnel interested participants to me directly.  I felt I’d include that in this tutorial since, after all, this is “OutsourceFactor”, right?

Evergreen Business System Bonus:  For customers who use our affiliate link:

If you would like to purchase EBS, I encourage you to use our affiliate link. When you do, here’s what we will give you as a bonus.

  • Detailed explanation of how to craft your webinar script following the 5-step forumla I mentioned in the tutorial.  This includes the intro, story, offer, body and close.  It is essential that you do these steps in the proper order.  I learned this process from one of the best presenters in the world, Dave VanHoose.  As an NLP practitioner and Master Hypnotist, I’m an expert in structuring language that persuades.  I’ll teach you how to design specific elements into your webinar that will boost your sales.
  • I will send you my email templates, which you can cut and paste into the EBS dashboard when you’re creating your own webinars.  This will save you a bunch of time because as good as the EBS training is, they have not included any email templates.  The ones that I’ve created are powerful, effective, and ready-made for you.  These are the emails that your webinar attendees will get before and after the webinar.
  • I’ll make myself available to help you with any technical questions. I’m just throwing this in as an added benefit because I know how confusing this stuff can be and I’ve been there.  I’m a real person and I’m more than happy to help you succeed.

To claim our EBS bonus you must use this affiliate link.  Then simply email bonus (at) virtualceo (dot) co and mention Evergreen Business System Bonus in your email.


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