Review of SiteSale: Did Mike Filsaime Really Reinvent the Shopping Cart?

Earlier this month, Mike Filsaime launched a brand new Internet Marketing product called SiteSale. It promises to re-invent the shopping cart. It definitely looks good from the sales presentation, and the price is VERY attractive. But there’s more to a SiteSale review than a simple statement like that, right?

No worries. I’ll explain everything, including why I suggest you hold off on buying this product for a while. Yes, you heard me right. Sure we have an affiliate relationship with this product. But we’re not yet recommending it to you.

What is SiteSale, really

Simply put, its an entire platform that Mike Filsaime’s team designed to run online business, with a lot of hooks specifically built for people who sell information products.

Imagine running a membership site that drip feeds out monthly content to members. How would you run that business if you were just getting started?

You’d probably start with a squeeze page to get people to give you their email address in return for some kind of freebie. You’d then use your autoresponder series to direct your email list subscribers to sign up for a paid product. So you’d need a video and/or a sales page. You’d need a shopping cart to take payment and finally you need some sort of membership system to automate delivery to the customers.

Oh, and you might want an affiliate program so that other people can promote your products to their leads.

Sure you can do all of this today. But it typically involves a bunch of different technology solutions. For example you might install WordPress and use the OptimizePress theme combined with the Digital Access Pass membership plugin. Want fancy video capabilities? You might need to buy Easy Video Player to do this (that’s what I use).

How about split testing? Want to conduct A/B testing of your pages? You need to subscribe to something like Visual Website Optimizer

These separate bits of technology would cost you several hundred dollars, require separate admin logins, separate databases and separate installations on your server.

SiteSale promises to beautify this process and more.

I watch the full webinar that Filsaime’s team conducted. It’s a good webinar, although takes far too long to watch. But I watched it so you don’t have to unless you really want to.

They’ve got a BRILLIANT concept. One dashboard to setup an online business, create sales pages or squeeze pages, create optin forms, create order forms, add content to a membership site, etc. Absolutely brilliant. I especially like the “drag and drop” interface they created to setup sales funnels.

Have you ever bought something only to be offered another product before reaching the download page? That’s an upsell. SiteSell lets you configure optin pages, upsell flows, and even downsells, with a drag and drop interface. It’s highly intuitive and takes the techie knowledge out of the picture.

The price is right at under $500

In his prelaunch pricing, Filsaime is charging $497 as a one time fee for access to this system (unlimited use). There is also a maintenance fee that works out to $8/month after the first year.

Honesty, that is a bargain. And if you want to buy it you can using this link.

Here’s why I wouldn’t buy SiteSale YET

The product doesn’t appear to have the bugs ironed out of it yet. I scoured some of the forums to get views from existing customers. Most people are finding bugs, and finding support to be slow. That’s not an ideal situation for a brand new product.

Also, the sales pitch talks a lot about how tough it is to setup websites using the “old” technology (wordpress, etc). Yet I notice Filsaime is in fact using WordPress for his JV sites.

Why isn’t he eating his own cooking? I suspect it isn’t quite ready yet.

If you have patience, the price IS right. At $497, what you’re getting is a very VERY compelling price point for a theoretically complete online business package. So if you believe Filsaime will adequately support his product, and you can tolerate some growing pains, then I think it’s worth buying.

I will say that his latest big launch, Evergreen Business Systems (used for automated webinars) was a very good product and has been well supported. In fact, Filsaime is eating his own cooking by promoting SiteSale using an automated webinar powered by EBS.

The Bottom Line

SiteSale is a brilliant concept, and the interface + features + integration have me sold on the idea. That said, it doesn’t look to be totally ready yet. This is probably why the price is so aggressive. I think in the future you’ll see this system sold at $97/month, which is STILL very reasonable.

As a result, my advice is to wait.

If you can’t wait, you can check out the offer here.

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  1. Dave
    8 years ago

    Bought sites sales and while I love Mike and Norman’s vision for SiteSales the platform fails miserably. Any time there was an issue whether it be a lack of skill on my part or a bug in the system the support is terrible. It is too bad because the concept is awesome. I just had to ask for a refund as I had major problems with a total lack of help and understanding on their part.

    I wish they would really focus on HELPING the user get up and running. I have had the platform for over two weeks and now website up and running just problems.

    I tried to contact Norman Freeman but to no avail.

    Dave DePula

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Dave – thanks for sharing your experience. This is part of why I didn’t feel we could recommend it. Too many early issues. Personally I’d rather pay 97 per month later, once I know it is solid.

      I figure that bigger, well-funded companies like SquareSpace should ultimately be the ones to implement something like this, but with the support users expect.

      I love Filsaime’s ideas. But I worry he’s spread too thin.

  2. Dave
    8 years ago

    Hello Chris,

    I just signed up for a 30 day trial to Kajabi have been working in it for several days. Now granted I have almost zero tech skills but I feel that there is still a lot missing.

    This may to too much to asked but is there a platform, that you know of, that is a CRM, website builder, auto responder and shopping cart? In other words ALL in ONE. Also just signed up yesterday to Fusion HQ don’t like it already.


    PS I am a golf instructor trying to put out my first product online. It is called Pure Ball Striker 90X or PBS 90X for short. Got the concept from Russel Brunson and Micro Continuity.

    PPS All these gurus promise up and selling to 5 min, 1 day, 3 days etc. found it all to be BS so far.

    PPS Also bought Optimize Press and Wishlist Member but so much piecing together and no skills. Very frustrated!

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Hi Dave,

      I hear you on the technical frustration and the guru promise let-downs.

      If your product doesn’t require drip feeding then WishList is probably a great membership option for a WordPress site. Otherwise DAP is probably better. Both integrate well with OptimizePress, from the research I’ve done.

      Kajabi is something I have no experience with so far.

      As for your 5-in-1 requirement, honestly I don’t think there is a great solution out there yet. But I also don’t feel that the autoresponder needs to be part of the package. It’s easy enough to drop opt-in code onto site separately.

      Also, starting out, I don’t mind simply redirecting people to PayPal for the shopping cart. Then PayPal redirects them back to your site after payment. Unless you need upsells and other complex stuff, you don’t really need an integrates shopping cart. Wishlist and DAP will both handle the product setup, payment links via PayPal, etc.

      The best way to solve the technical aspects is to hire someone to set everything up for you. You can go to somewhere like or Elance and you can hire a freelancer who is familiar with the bits and pieces. Have him work with you on an hourly rate via Skype and do screen sharing. This way you get the hand holding you need, but you walk away with knowledge.

      I don’t think it’s essential to become a tech guru, but I DO sternly feel you want to have a working knowledge of the basics so you can speak intelligently about it when you hire someone.

  3. Dave
    8 years ago

    Hello Chris,

    I found what I was looking for at

    It is a software that is backed by Steve Odette who is a real pro. Now I not only have the platform but the guidance and support as well.

    Check it out for yourself.



    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Hi Dave,

      I like the look of RapidResidualPro. Seems like it takes WordPress out of the equation altogether, but still gives you blogging capabilities. And since it isn’t WP, probably there are less attacks against it. So it seems like this is probably based upon PHP + MySQL hosted on your own domain, right?

      Have you used it yet? I’d love to pick your brain more. We’re always interested in helping our audience understand the various solutions available. Maybe I’ll reach out to the vendor and talk to him more also. I think a review of this product would be useful.

  4. Dave
    8 years ago


    I am using it now and building my sites and my business. I love the software. It indeed does take WordPress out of the equation. As far as what is running it, I have no idea. I just know it is relatively easy to use and, as I said, the support is awesome. Steve, the owner of RRP, is first class all the way.

    Let me know if you need my help with anything.


  5. Mike King
    8 years ago

    Mike Filsaime in the sales literature states categorically that he will refund your money in a ‘snap’ if you are not happy for any reason. My experience suggests this is not true. I applied for a refund on 17th July and although Sitesales agree that I am entiled to a refund, they have still not processed it – it is now August 7th. I would be interested to hear from someone who had managed to get a refund processed.

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Hey Mike – that’s unfortunate. My bet is you’ll get a refund out of him, but wow, it’s unbelievably bad to be slow on refund requests. It angers customers, and gives you a bad reputation when you don’t need or want that to happen. Lesson here is to always refund customers quickly if they ask. Go out of your way to help. That’s my way of doing business, at least.

  6. Duane
    8 years ago

    I have made a big mistake. I bought Site Sales! No need to get into the problems with it, I just wanted to say that I requested a refund on August 17. It is now the middle of September and I have not received it.

    I have been told it was processed, then I was told they have no idea when I would receive it. The only way I got a response at all was to open a new support ticket every day. Now that is not working. I do not believe Site Sales will ever get off the ground. It appears to me that the Developers have walked off the JOB.
    The whole project is just sitting there. I got a response to my help request six days after I requested a refund. $497 down the drain.

  7. Forrest Smyth
    7 years ago

    As of end of November 2012 there is still no sign of SiteSales actually launching and the changelog on the site shows no updates to the platform since June 30. I suspect that they have taken members cash and moved on to other things. I’ve submitted a support ticket with some questions, so I’ll wait and see if I get a response. Hopefully I’m wrong, and it will be a viable platform moving forward.

  8. Leslie Carmody
    7 years ago

    I lost $497 also. Mike is a crook and I would NEVER recommend ANY of his products.
    Stay away from this guys stuff, he is a liar. I requested a refund well within the stated 30 days, and have been writing emails asking for my money since
    August 4, 2012. It’s now December! So I guess I will spend my evenings writing blogs and comments WARNING other NOT TO BUY HIS PRODUCTS! With all of his bragging about how much money he makes you would think he could give somebody their money back. I’m NOT a millionaire Mike! $497 is a lot of money for me.

    • Chris
      7 years ago

      I’m shocked to hear that people are having a hard time getting a refund, but given that you’re not the first one to say this I simply can’t understand how he would risk his reputation this way. Crazy.