Review of Evergreen Business System versus Stealth Seminar: Two leading automated webinar software solutions

This post will look at the differences between Evergreen Business System, from Mike Filsaime, and Stealth Webinar, from Geoff Ronning.

Automating your business is something all entrepreneurs should spend a lot of time on. Whether it comes from outsourcing (having someone else do the work), setting up procedures, or using sophisticated software.

Automated webinars do exactly this. They allow you to automate your sales process, particularly for higher ticket items, by using video to establish trust with your audience. This trust comes from sharing knowledge through an informative webinar before asking for the sale.

I spent several hours researching the differences between Stealth Seminar and Evergreen Business System. Although I should disclose, up front, that we are affiliates for both EBS and  Stealth Seminar, so just email me your receipt and I will send you my bonus for whichever product you purchase.

Price is the biggest difference between Evergreen Business System and Stealth Seminar

In case you are not aware, Evergreen Business System is sold as a one-off purchase. You pay $497 and you have a lifelong account. You can host your webinars on their servers or on your own website. You are responsible for hosting your own video file (using Amazon is very VERY cheap), but the webinar itself can be hosted at their site for free. This is nice, because it’s a one time investment.

Stealth Seminar, like most other high quality automated webinar systems, is a service that you pay for monthly. I couldn’t actually find a “buy now” button on their website, because it seems they keep their system closed to new customers most of the time, only opening it up once in a while. But the cost is $69.95 per month plan in the footnotes of the site. So, it will cost you about $840 per year to use this service as a starter.

What this probably means for support: If you feel you are going to need a lot of hand holding, Stealth Seminar is probably a better option. Given that they charge a monthly fee, they will be under pressure to deliver quality support. The folks at Evergreen Business System obviously run a more lean business model. They charge you once, and they will probably offer you lower quality support.

Personally, I haven’t had any problems getting a reply from support at EBS, and I haven’t had any major issues with the service. But that said, I wouldn’t expect it to be as good as Stealth. In fact, its website says that (as of this writing) the average customer support response time was 3 minutes so far this week. And judging from the YouTube videos that Geoff Ronning has posted, I can tell he really cares about his product and stays involved.

Stealth Seminar wins (for now) with support for iPad and iOS devices

While it is true that Evergreen Business System supports the iPad, it’s not perfect. Your webinar, via Evergreen’s system, will play just fine on the iPad. Delayed events will show up. This includes polls, buy now buttons, chat events that you pre-program, and more. The only real difference is how Stealth Seminar uses video streaming to actually present the event as “live” to your iPad versus what Evergreen Business Systems does.   If you watch a webinar such as our Evergreen Business System Demo Webinar on an iPad and touch the video area, the control menu will appear. People can fast forward and rewind your video, so they’ll know it isn’t live.

When Geoff Ronning, founder of Stealth Seminar, recorded a YouTube video talking about iPad support differences, clearly the folks at Evergreen Business System had some limitations on their system. Delayed events were not showing up. They’ve fixed this issue. But I don’t think they’ll be able to make their videos appear as “live” unless they change their streaming protocol. I have no idea if they’ll do this. I’ll file a support ticket asking that question and I will update this post with whatever reply I get.

UPDATE:  Hector Yague personally responded to me letting me know they were looking into ways to solve this problem.  He also told me Evergreen Business System will soon support live webinars.  If they add this at the same price as automated webinars, I’ll be really impressed (especially if it works well).

Autoresponder Integration

Stealth Seminar’s feature comparison page says it has “true integration with your favourite autoresponder”. It also claims that Evergreen Business System does not have such a feature. This claim is no longer accurate (I’m assuming it was accurate at some point in the past).

Evergreen has added full integration for InfusionSoft. So, if you’re an InfusionSoft customer, you can have all customer signup data passed to your autoresponder system and handle all followup messaging yourself. This is a beautiful thing, and something that Stealth Seminar also supports.

UPDATE:  Geoff Ronning from Stealth Seminar sent me the following comment:

This is not totally correct with the “full integration” claim. We totally integrate. StealthSeminar actually triggers the reminder emails and follow up emails inside the customers Infusionsoft Account. So with Infusionsoft, you have challenges sending multiple emails out in the course of the day and getting the timing is tricky if people could be registered for any number of webinar options. With StealthSeminar, we trigger the emails you desire to be sent out via your infusionsoft account, by StealthSeminar.StealthSeminar keeps it all in order and triggers the correct actions inside of Infusionsoft. Is that more clear? Cool huh?

But what about Aweber? The truth is that Aweber does not have the capability to be completely compatible with an automated webinar system. Aweber is based upon adding people to lists, and then sending out pre-programmed emails to the list around specific days. So Aweber could never send out a reminder email 1 hour before a webinar, for example. So, no matter what anyone claims, I don’t believe Aweber can provide “proper” integration.  Infusionsoft can.

I think automated webinar users should rely on the build-in email capabilities of their system in order to send reminder emails to their audience. Aweber CAN be highly useful in sending up followup emails after the webinar is over (true for both webinar systems)

Other Features Comparison

It would take forever to list all of the features and talk about who supports them versus who does not. So instead, I’ve gone through the major features where one vendor suggests his competitor does not support something. Here goes:

Unlimited “call to action” delayed events. This an important feature, because during your live webinar you’ll want to show a “buy now” button, or present a poll, or perhaps introduce a pre-programmed question and answer. Stealth Seminar’s sales page makes it sound as if Evergreen Business System doesn’t offer this. My experience is it does. Maybe the word “unlimited” is what they’re picking on. I’m not sure. But I can tell you that Evergreen supports as many calls to action or delayed events as you could possibly want to use in a webinar.

Google analytics versus in-house analytics: I noticed Stealth Webinar says it offers Google Analytic event tracking, while Evergreen Business Systems doesn’t. That may be true, but it might lead you to believe EBS doesn’t have analytics. It does. It has a pretty darn nice way of

Play webinars on your own website: One nice feature of Evergreen Business System is the ability to export your webinar files and upload them to your own web server. This way you can play your webinars directly on your own site. To me, this is not something I need or really even want, but for those who want it, it’s important. On EBS you need to know how to deal with setup of cron jobs to make it work. Stealth Seminar avoids this feature, and is therefore geared towards less-techie people. If you are a non-techie, you’ll be hosting either webinar system on THEIR servers and you won’t need to know anything technical.

Affiliate integration: Evergreen Business System has a really nice way of handling affiliate links. Say you own a product and you want to let affiliates promote it using your webinar. You can easily give the affiliate a custom affiliate link to your webinar such that he’ll be paid commissions when customers buy via your webinar. Stealth Seminar has this feature, according to an email reply I got from Geoff Ronning.  If you have an army of affiliates, this will matter to you.

Blackout dates: Evergreen Business System has the capability to blackout certain days from the registration form. You can set these dates to whatever you want, so you avoid Thanksgiving day, etc. Obiously most people wouldn’t hold “live” webinars on a major holiday. The EBS sales page suggests that Stealth Webinar doesn’t have this feature. But the Stealth Seminar website indicates they have this, so I assume they’ve added it. Honestly, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s a simple feature.

Free text message reminders with Stealth Seminar:  Geoff emailed me to tell me that his customers love the text message reminder system that is included at no extra charge.  Text messages will boost attendance rates, naturally.  Evergreen Business System supports text messages through a third party, and they aren’t free.  I have never looked into the true cost of this because it seems beyond the scope of what I care to learn, technically, at least right now.  I think it’s cool that Stealth Seminar bakes this feature in so no setup is required by the user.

Conclusion on Stealth Seminar vs. Evergreen Business System

The main point I want to drive home is this: pick an automated webinar system and use it in your business. Both EBS and Stealth Seminar are very good solutions. I think Evergreen Business Systems is a highly flexible and well-thought-out system, and that’s the one I use right now. But it’s also obvious that Stealth Seminar is an awesome peformer, plus it wins for mobile (iPad) support right now.

Budget wise, Evergreen wins, clearly. At $497 one-time, it is paid for (for life) by the time you’re 7 months into a Stealth Seminar membership.

Support and feature-wise, I think the hat gets tipped to Stealth Seminar.  They’ve been around longer (since 2008) and they have a proven track record of excellent customer support.

Our Incredibly Valuable Automated Webinar Bonus

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