Podcast Episode 07: All about Email Marketing and Aweber

Podcast Episode #7 is live !

*This podcast used to be a part of Outsourcefactor.com and has been moved to it’s new house here, on VirtualCEO.co

Back for more VirtualCEO Podcasts? It’s all about email marketing today and how you can use Aweber for your email marketing strategy. We have Val coming back — this time with  much clearer audio. If you’re making podcasts yourself, you’d be surprised at how simple and do-able our audio set-up is.

TIP: To get great sound quality without being in the same room while recording your podcast, use Audacity to separately record your voices while doing a Skype conference call. Use timing techniques like counting or tapping so you can synchronize your talk and then outsource someone to combine the two audio files.

So now, on to the good stuff

Our former Emailing System

We used to have our own customized emailing system. Customers would sign up, the email address would be saved on our data base, we would give them the activation email and they confirm by clicking on a link found in the email. This is called transactional emailing.

We used this type of system for a while but as the company grew, we decided to take it to the next step. That’s when we went with Aweber.

A preview on Aweber:

  • What is Aweber? It’s an email marketing platform that allows you to efficiently contact and get connected with people from your email list. It has several features that you can use even without too much technical knowledge.
  • Who needs Aweber? You need this if you’re running an online business (may it be big or small, doesn’t matter) and you need to get in touch with people who care about what you’re doing.

So, why Aweber?

We have a dozen reasons why we went with Aweber. Here’s our TOP 3:
  1. Aweber is really simple to use. Even if Val (the techie guy that does all the geek stuff) is not around, I can still make forms myself without having much html or CSS knowledge. This is all thanks to the drag and drop feature.
  2. We needed to avoid getting blacklisted. No matter how ethical of a marketer you are or how good of a content you have on your email, when you enough SPAM complaints from people you are in big trouble. You don’t want the word “spammer” to be associated with any part of your company or your domain name.
  3.  Aweber’s system makes it easy to manage bulk emailing and it also gives our clients the option to freely unsubscribe to our emails or newsletters with just one click on a link.

Aweber and Email Marketing

The whole point to email marketing is staying in touch with your  customers, allowing them to be engaged and involved. Let’s take this as an example:
A Spa or Wellness Center regularly sending out newsletters, health tips, relaxation techniques and other helpful stuff to the people that signed up. Who do think will they remember the next time they feel really stressed?
Presto! The wonders of email marketing! We talked about spam earlier, so regularly doesn’t mean three newsletters in a day. Aweber  let’s you do this easily, stylishly and efficiently.   See for yourself and check out their email marketing features.

The Main Point

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with your costumers letting them know new things that’s happening in your business , getting them involved and it’s like saying “Hey, I haven’t forgotten about you”. Pair that with Aweber and pretty you’ll be having a lot of return clients.


Here’s the podcast:

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*This podcast used to be a part of Outsourcefactor.com and has been moved to it’s new house here, on VirtualCEO.co


Important links to take note of:

  1. VirtualCEO Aweber link
  2. Aweber Signup Bonus Interested in Aweber yet? Here’s where you can get it.
  3. Aweber Review: Aweber Drag and Drop Demo Check out the drag and drop feature in action. Very easy to use without knowing codes like html or CSS.
  4. Val’s Aweber App



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