Podcast Episode 06: The Ultimate WordPress Security Podcast

Podcast Episode #6 is live !

*This podcast used to be a part of Outsourcefactor.com and has been moved to it’s new house here, on VirtualCEO.co

Welcome back to the VirtualCEO Podcast! Unless you’re living under a rock, you know WordPress has become a very popular platform for marketers to build websites (and blogs).

WordPress Security is a hot topic. Hacks are very common. So in episode 6 Chris brings on Val, the software guru behind OutsourceFactor, to talk WordPress + Security.

  • Learn why we recommend manual installation of WP, and how easy it is to do!
  • Learn how to do open heart surgery on your site so you can know what you’re doing when you eventually outsource it.
  • Learn about security risks in plugins and themes. Learn how to recreate your hacked site from scratch in very little time.
  • It’s all here!

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

  • Bluehost is our recommended shared host provider for those who are just starting out and want the simplicity of using the extremely-common cPanel “dashboard” environment for a web host.
  • Webfaction is another great web host that has exceptional customer service but is built for geeks on a budget.  If you are already comfortable with cPanel and want something with more flexibility they are great.
  • Linode is for hardcore geeks who know what they’re doing.
  • Get a free website scan using Sucuri’s online tool .  These guys are the gold standard when it comes to detecting and removing malware from WordPress.  Scans are free.  Removal is not, but you better know what you’re dealing with.  Many of our friends swear by Sucuri.
  • Thesis Theme for WordPress is highly stable, well-known by developers and supported by the vendor.
  • I forgot to mention this on the podcast, but if you want to find a web host that specializes in WordPress and has Sucuri security BUILT IN, you should check out WP Engine.

Here’s the podcast:

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Your Homework!

If you feel intimidated by the idea of setting up a WordPress site and (even worse), repairing a hack … then this is your homework assignment.

Do this and your confidence managing a website will go through the roof.

  1. Go get a low-cost hosting account at Bluehost.com (it’s a few dollars per month and a solid investment in your training).  You can use this account to run a real business (to this day I use them for several sites).
  2. When you login to the control panel (cPanel), use their automated WordPress installation tool called SimpleScripts.  Just allow the default settings to be used.  This way you’ll discover exactly how easy it is to install WordPress via a one-click install.
  3. Login to your new website and create a test post.  Publish anything, just so that you can learn how to back up the content and rebuild it from scratch.
  4. Now go into your cPanel database area and look at the database that SimpleScripts created for you.  Use the phpMyAdmin tool to explore the tables in your database.  You’ll see where your userID is stored, along with your post, and other settings.
  5. EXPORT your database as an SQL file using phpMyAdmin.  Now you’ve got your website content backed up.
  6. Now go into cPanel and use MySQL Databases to create a brand new database, and assign a new username to access the database.
  7. Go back into phpMyAdmin and import the file that you exported in step 5 to your brand new database.  You’ve now rebuilt your WordPress database from scratch.
  8. Now go to WordPress.org and download a copy of WordPress.  Install it and configure it as per the instructions here:  Famous 5 minute WordPress installation

Boom!  You’re now ahead of 99% of other WordPress users since you know how to take an existing blog / website and backup the database, re-install the data in a new database, and install WordPress manually.  You’ll feel amazing and you’ll know what you’re talking about when you need to hire someone else to help you out.

Tip:  Go have your virtual assistant do the same thing!

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