Podcast Episode 03: Hiring a Virtual Assistant

*This podcast used to be a part of Outsourcefactor.com and has been moved to it’s new house here, on VirtualCEO.co

If you run an online business it is absolutely essential that you hire and train at least one virtual assistant, or VA.

In this podcast episode, I talk about hiring a full time VA in the Philippines.  You can apply my advice to any geography, really.  But the Philippines is a great place because of what I call the Four E’s of the Philippines.   I explain it on the podcast, but I think it will make a great future blog post.

This episode talks about why you need a VA, where to find candidates (free and paid methods explained), how to post a job so that you get the best responses, how to filter responses, how to test your candidates and how to interview them.

I’m giving out some really good tips on the hiring process – I hope you guys appreciate it!

One thing I forgot to include in the podcast is a discussion of the 13th month in the Philippines.  When you hire a Filipino as a full time VA, you are expected to pay a full month of extra salary in December.  The amount is pro-rated if the employee has worked for you less than a year.  The payment should be made before December 24th.  I typically pay it mid December.  It’s important to remember!

Here’s the podcast:

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  1. Chris
    9 years ago

    FYI, a reader (thanks, Eddy) pointed out that comments were not working. We had a conflict in our spam prevention plugin. It’s fixed. Comments will work now. Speak your mind.

  2. Matt john Canty
    9 years ago

    Love this podcast mate you sound very experience in hiring and working with virtual assistants. I hope you get into more details in later Podcasts, on how to manage your staff. This is where I would say I have the most problems. I currently live in The Philippines and use virtual assistants to run my business and have some problems getting the best out of my staff all the time. I love your tips on selecting the best staff. I already use alot of your tips and tricks so far…like the checking their typing speed and also using base camp which really I agree is a no brainier. I’m going to go back and listen to the rest of your pod casts episode 1 and 2. cheers mate :)

  3. Ben
    9 years ago


    I want to thank you for presenting this information for free. You pointed out a lot of great advice on hiring VA’s and outsourcers which I will definitely take into mind and, hopefully, action. I’m currently running a business that’s making quite a large amount of money and I’m pretty packed so I’ll probably hire a VA soon with tips I obtained from you and John on his website. I bookmarked your website and will be visiting it later. Thanks again!


  4. Monroy
    8 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more. Filipinos are very skilled and reliable.
    Virtual Assistants are in demand nowadays. One major reason is because it costs less than hiring an in-house employee. Lots of people are also showing their interest on becoming a VA because of its flexible work hours and working from the comforts of your home. It’s perfect for housewives or mothers with an educational background.

    It is possible to find a VA for as low as $3 an hour if you look on some lower income countries with exceptional talents like the Philippines

  5. Nica Mandigma
    8 years ago

    What an information packed post! I took a lot of notes, more like little reminders, that I can use to improve my service to my clients.

    I would like to recommend an alternative to Basecamp for entrepreneurs who might want to save some money on a project management tool. I discovered ASANA and recommend it to clients. It’s a FREE project maagement tool and you can created as many workspaces and projects as you want ad then add team members for free. It pretty much works like Basecamp.

    As a virtual assistant, what I do is create a workspace for a client and give them the email address where they can send their tasks so they don’t have to log into the system. Or, if they want to really maximize the system, I do a quick tutorial session over Skype to show how it works.

  6. J
    8 years ago

    I need to hire someone to write articles for my website. They will need to write on average about 2 news articles a day and perhaps transcribe 4-5 review articles a week. SHould I be looking for a “Article writer” or a “VA” when posting on outsource websites? What are people’s experiences?

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Why limit yourself to putting only one item in the title? Ask for a writer / VA.