My Rant on Being a Vendor vs Being an Affiliate

Being a vendor gives you more control. Being an affiliate is usually hassle free but far less reliable. Here’s a simple example from our own business.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Evergreen Business Systems, and how awesome their automated webinar software is. Just hit up that link and you’ll end up on the exact post I’m talking about.

Anyway, we are clearly NOT the vendor for that product. We’re customers. And happy ones too. The software is awesome, easy to use and works. I’m achieving almost 5% conversion on my own webinar and that means 5% of people who visit the webinar signup page buy. It does NOT mean that 5% of people who attend the webinar buy (real number closer to 40%). It does not mean 5% of people who signup buy (real number closer to 10%). To repeat, it means 5% of people who VISIT the signup page are buying my product. That’s pretty solid.

So we ( signed up to become an affiliate. We only promote what we love, and EBS’ automated webinar is a perfect example. We also crafted a bonus offer to entice people to use our link to purchase. In my experience that is a very good strategy for boosting sales. It doesn’t take long to craft a good bonus related to the product if you are an experienced USER of the product.

Yesterday a guy emailed me to tell me he’d be using our affiliate link because of the bonus. Very nice of him to email me directly and have a conversation. This morning I wake up to a new email from the same guy. He (rightly so) found out that Mike Filsaime was holding a time-limited WSO for the same product.

Filsaime is letting people buy the EBS software for $197 via a “Warrior Special Offer” (WSO) at WarriorForum. It doesn’t come with a particular (very good) training module or a (also very good) WordPress launch theme. But the BIG value is the software. I paid $497 to buy it and now people can buy it (this week only) for $197.

So I’m writing this because it reminds me that as a VENDOR, you have complete control. You have the right to hold sales and sell via any platform you wish. As an AFFILIATE, you may find that your customers go elsewhere because of sale situations like this. That’s life. It’s nothing to be upset about. If you want to control your destiny be a vendor.

Anyway if you happen to catch this post before December 21, 2011 you can benefit from Filsaime’s crazy low pricing. Here is a completely naked link to the WSO. You can plainly see that is not an affiliate link and we have no financial interest in promoting that particular link.

If the deal has expired and you’re still interested in the product, then you should read what we have to say about automated webinars and look to our bonus offer on this page.

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