Improving Your Email’s Deliverability

Why Some Emails Goes into Spam

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes legitimate email arrives in your spam folder. Or if you’re the sender, your legitimate emails get spam filtered and your recipient never sees it.

Have you ever asked yourself “why do these emails go into my spam folder?” Well, if you’re going to start email marketing, then you should know why this happens.

One of the main reasons is because your ISP (Internet Service Provider) have set up specific filters to block emails coming from IP addresses and senders labeled as spammers. They might also block emails with subjects known to be spammy such as “Looking for Singles in Your Area?” or “How to Earn Money without Living Home”.

No, ISPs are not being difficult. You see, ISPs are businesses where the main purpose of the owners is to earn money. Contrary to the belief of many people, the Internet is not free. In fact, it’s made up of trillions of dollars of infrastructure so that Internet service providers can make money. Sending email costs money, and letting tons of spam reach your customers costs you customer satisfaction. So ISPs do their best to filter spam. But they aren’t perfect.

So, if you’re doing email marketing, what should you do? This is where SMTP comes in.

The Benefits of Sending Emails Through an SMTP Relay Service

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is lot like a post office. When you send mail through a post office, they don’t care why you’re sending it or who you’re sending it to. As long as you pay for it, they will send the letter to the intended recipient. If you have web hosting and use the built-in SMTP servers from your host, you can do email but you can’t often to bulk email. They’d shut you down and tell you to take your bulk email elsewhere.

In short, if you want to do email marketing through your own (purchased) software rather than through providers such as Aweber (who handle this for you), you need to use an SMTP relay service.

Some of the advantages of using an “SMTP Relay Service” include:

  • No restrictions on how much emails you can send
  • Providers of SMTP relay services maintains excellent relationship with ISPs
  • Provides all needed tools for customers to optimize delivery of emails

Most Popular SMTP Relay Service Providers

Amazon SES – Amazon SES, or Amazon Simple Email Service, is a cost effective bulk and transactional email for businesses and developers. If you’re using other Amazon services such as Amazon EC2, it will be easier for you to send emails as such services are integrated into the Amazon SES. What’s great about this service is that there’s no long-term commitment or minimum spend required. You can utilize a free usage tier and if that’s not enough, then send emails with low fees for the number of emails sent (excluding data transfer fees).

Postmark – Postmark is also a popular SMTP relay service provider. Some of the problems people encounter when setting up an SMTP server is that they’re not sure whether the emails they’re sending goes into the inbox or if they bouncing or failing all together. Postmark promises to take care of it all by handling whitelisting, reverse DNS, content scanning and ISP throttling. My good friend uses Postmark and loves them.

Evergreen Business System – Now Integrating with Every External SMTP Service on the Net!

If you’re an Evergreen Business System user, you’ve probably noticed that some of your pre-webinar and post-webinar email notifications are not reaching your audience. Bummer, right? Well, Evergreen Business System now integrates with every SMTP service provider on the net. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Amazon SES or Postmark, you can now be sure that every EBS notification you send will reach its recipient.

*For our review of Evergreen Business System, please go here.



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