Importing customers into an email marketing list with Aweber

I was recently asked for advice on email marketing, and I thought I’d share the problem and recommended solution here.

Problem:  The business owner in question has a few thousand customers.  He has their email address on file, but no good way to start sending newsletter content to them.  He’d like to start a weekly newsletter.

Solution:  I recommend simply signing up to Aweber and then importing the email addresses into your new account.  You can’t automatically email people after this, but Aweber will send out a confirmation link to each person on your list asking them to validate their interest in being on your list.

You’ll also be able to customize the email that goes out.  This way you can tell peoople why they’re getting  a confirmation link.  You can make it friendly and interesting.  Just tell people that you are starting a newsletter and that you want their permission to send it to them.  Make it clear to them that there will be an unsubscribe link in every message.  This will help people feel more comfortable about getting on your email newsletter list.

Important:  Give people a reason to confirm their subscription.  I remember a few years ago I was on an email list for a web design company.  They did a rebranding exercise and moved everyone onto a new list inside of a new Aweber account.  I’m not sure why, but they wanted everyone to opt-in again.  Their ‘bribe’ was to offer some awesomely designed templates that most people would want to have access to.  As a result, I confirmed my account on their new list and they didn’t lose me as a subscriber.  Do something similar.

So if you have an existing list of customers there is no reason in the world you cant’ harvest that list with email marketing.  Aweber is the service we recommend (and use).



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