Your First Hire

Are you an online entrepreneur who hasn’t yet hired any regular help?  If so, this article is for you.  Over the years I’ve met (in person or virtually) a lot of new internet marketers who do everything themselves.  And that’s great for the startup phase.  But when you decide that you are actually in business rather than running a hobby, you need to hire help.

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The first help you should hire is a virtual assistant or VA. This should be someone who is employed on a full time basis to work for you, and only for you.  It costs a lot less than you think, especially if you hire your VA directly.

The most important skills for a VA to possess are:  1) Very good English; 2) Ability to understand instructions and take initiative; 3) Well organized.  You can certainly test a VA for English skills and ability to follow instructions.  But you won’t really know how organized they are until you have them work for you.

The true cost to hire a VA is about $300-400 per month if, for example, you target the Philippines.  Surprisingly to many new Internet Marketers, people from the Philippines speak excellent English and usually have access to broadband Internet connetions and own their own PC.

I think it’s a bad idea to hire a freelancer VA.  Freelance employees tend to consider their jobs temporary.  This means all your hard work to train this person is going to waste when they leave you for the next gig.  Hiring full time permanent employees is more productive.

If you haven’t hired someone yet, you should start by making a list all the miscellaneous tasks you’ve done in your business over the last month.  How many of those non-core tasks could have been handled by a VA?  Probably many of them.

Here is a brief list of tasks a VA can easily handle on your behalf:

  • Customer support emails
  • Submitting articles to directories
  • Hiring freelancers for you as needed (for specialized tasks such as graphics)
  • Search for potential marketing partners and initiate contact by email
  • Find authority sites for you to become a guest blogger
  • Submit your videos to YouTube
  • Edit your videos using basic software
  • Build links to your sites by blog commenting and forum posting, among other techniques
  • Perform niche research to accelerate time to market for your next product
  • Watch webinars for you (that you’d like to watch but don’t have time) and send you key points
  • The list goes on and on and on ….

Hiring a VA should be the very first thing you do in your business once you decide that your online work is no longer just a hobby.

Your Action Item:

I got started in outsourcing by listening to advice from this guy.  You can get a lot of great free content from his site and figure it out yourself from there.  Or you can buy his training package if you like.  It’s certainly not required, and either way the quality of his free training is exceptional.  Yes, I’m a happy customer in case you were wondering.



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  1. Maruf Abdullah
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