Evergreen Business System: Now Supporting LIVE Webinars

I heard this was coming, and now it has arrived. Hector Yague, one of the co-creators of automated webinar solution Evergreen Business System, told me they’d be launching live webinars. I was really happy to hear this because I think people need a better option than GoToWebinar.

Here’s how Evergreen Business System now works:

  • You can choose to use the system for either automated webinars, live webinars or BOTH.
  • Automated webinars are based around a one-off purchase of the software for $497.  The software is hosted for you , and you have nothing to install.  That price is the same as before.  No changes.
  • Live webinars are an add-on that have a monthly fee.  It’s pretty reasonable.  They let you host unlimited live webinars in a month and you pay based on webinar capacity.  $29/month for up to 100 attendees and $69 for up to 500 attendees.  Need 1000?  That’s $149/month.
  • If you record your live webinar (which you can do via their system), you can turn it into an automated webinar after the fact.  That’s slick.
  • There is no pay per use option for live webinars.  I really wish they’d add this.  For example, I don’t have a need to do live webinars every month in any of my businesses.  But I’d love to pay per use for the occassional live webinar.  Hopefully this will be added in the future.  It would be a great addition.

Disclosure:  We have NOT tested the live webinar feature.  The claims that are being made are certainly attractive, but you never know if the system is going to work as promised.  If I were considering buying this software for live webinars, I would probably subscribe to ONLY the live portion of the service at first.  I’d test drive it.  If it performed as expected, I’d then upgrade to the automated webinar feature afterwards.  But that’s just my advice.

I do own a license to the automated webinar product and I’m very happy with it as discussed in this review, and you can also see a live demo of Evergreen Business System here.

If you’re going to buy this product we’d love for you to use our affiliate link.  We do offer an amazing bonus for Evergreen Business System customers.

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  1. Michael Carter
    8 years ago

    Re “Disclosure: We have NOT tested the live webinar feature” … any update on that? Have you tested it yet?

    I have seen plenty of software that *looks* good on a sales page or in a demo video, and the performance has not lived up to the promises. With live webinars, reliability is SO crucial, as a technical problem is *major* embarrassment and lost opportunity.

    • Chris
      8 years ago

      Hi Michael – unfortunately no update. I don’t do very many live webinars right now so when I do I’m using Anymeeting, which is free and supports up to 200 users. They record webinars too. Works very well, and is ad supported. I don’t need to turn these live webinars in to automated webinars … at least not in the business where I’m using them today.

      I will say that I’ve noticed some webinar replays being offered by the big boys via Evergreen Business System, and these were actually live events when first broadcast, so these guys must have used the EBS live webinar feature followed by having EBS turn it into an automated webinar afterwards.