Configuring Amazon SES with Evergreen Business System was a Breeze!

As many of you know, I’m a fan of automated webinar software including both Evergreen Business System and Stealth Seminar. I bought a license to Evergreen Business System (EBS) when I was first looking to implement an automated webinar solution and found the experience to be quite good. That’s exactly why I’m offering a pretty awesome “how to kick ass with automated webinars” bonus should you use my affiliate link.

See our Evergreen Business System bonus for more details.

Email deliverability was a big weakness of Evergreen Business System. Was. History.

The only thing I found unreliable about EBS was the outgoing email delivery. Using their servers to send email means that my emails are sent by the same IP address as everyone else, and I never trust the quality of other people’s emails. Their spammy-garbage can affect me.

I’ve had a few customers complain about not getting webinar registration emails. This is a result of poor deliverability from the EBS email servers. This is something I don’t really expect EBS to solve. They are not an email provider.

So they didn’t solve the problem directly. Instead, they launched support for external SMTP servers, which means that I am now free to use my own email provider to deliver all of my registration and followup emails to my customers.

It just so happens that Amazon has a super easy and cheap solution called Amazon SES (Simple Email Service). In a nutshell here is what you need to do to use it with Evergreen Business System.

  1. Sign up for Amazon SES by visiting and creating your account.  Simple Email Servvice is a feature you can access directly from the AWS  dashboard.
  2. Follow Amazon’s instructions for creating your SES credentials.  Basically you’re just creating a user on the SES service, and they auto-generate a username and password for you to use.  Save this info to plug into Evergreen Business System later.
  3. You’ll need to fill out a quick form to apply for “production” use of SES,  instead of just using it in sandbox mode.  This takes a minute or less.
  4. You’ll need to verify the email address you want to send email from.  It’s pretty easy.  You enter the email, Amazon sends you a confirmation link to prove you have control of the account.
  5. You should also verify your domain, which is super easy.  You just login to your domain registrar and plug a few values into the domain management tool.  I’ll give you a link with instructions below.
  6. Now you just go into Evergreen Business System and select “external SMTP” as the source of your emails.  See screenshot below.

There are some really great instructions on setting up SES  here.  I found this to be a big time saver in establishing the domain verification that Amazon wants.  Just follow along, and then add your Amazon SES information into your EBS Webinar as shown here:

How to configure Evergreen Business System with Amazon SES email


I just implemented this.  It works great.  Sending email through Amazon SES is ultra cheap, and if it boosts my deliverability by even 10% (I expect the results to far exceed that), it is an absolute no brainer.

Do it.

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