Automated Webinars: Live Demo of Evergreen Business System

A lot of people have been asking about automated webinars.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, webinars are fantastic sales tools. They help you connect with your audience and teach them something of value. They help you close sales by making an offer at the end of the webinar. They are engaging because you can conduct polls, answer questions, and much more.

One product that we bought and recommend is Evergreen Business System by Mike Filsaime.

We put together a detailed tutorial on automated webinars also.

But there was a missing piece. I wasn’t actually showing you how the webinar software works in real life. So I spent a full day planning and assembling a full demonstration of all the cool features available in Evergreen Business System so you can see it in action.

A real down-to-earth DEMO of the product that you can watch right now.

I’ve put together a full sign-up page along with a webinar that shows off the whole system. When you go to the sign up page you’ll notice you can access the webinar instantly. Most webinars make you sign up and wait for the big day. And that’s probably how you’ll use the system too. But because I want to show you how the system works, I don’t want you to be waiting. So I’ve configured the demo webinar to be instantly available.

Here’s what to do now: Go visit the sign up page. You’ll notice that page is hosted by the EBS system. Hosting comes free with the system (but you can host your own pages if you prefer).

Then watch the webinar. Think about what it can do for your business. I’ve embedded an auto-webinar within my followup sequence for a niche business and I find it very effective!

Check Out This Statistic for My Webinar

For my very first automated webinar I spent the right amount of time scripting out the whole thing. I designed it to educate and CONVERT. The only want to convert is to keep people watching until you make your offer.

Here’s a chart showing the percentage of my viewers that drop off at various points in my own hour-long webinar:

Do you see the significance of this?

77% of people are watching my webinar practically until the end. About 20% of viewers are buying my training product on the webinar. Where else can you get that kind of conversion rate? Good luck getting anywhere close to 77% of people to read an entire sales letter, or watch sales video. But with a webinar? If you actually structure it right (this is a persuasion science), then you educate, entertain and hook in your audience. They love you AND they end up buying from you.

My advice to you is to start using webinars. They really do work. Yes, they require some up-front planning and work. But it’s totally worth it.

Watch our “behind the scenes” instant access webinar about how Evergreen Business System works.

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  1. terryganas
    8 years ago

    chris I love this what your doing , I did not know about this until you emailed me I have a girl in the phillipines that works about twenty hours a week but she is slow and learning , she make $28 per week U.S.